New York City Department of Education Region 10

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4360 Broadway New York City, New York
July 1, 2008
To Whom it May Concern,

As superintendent of Region 10, I knew that Susan Radley would be the person to lead literacy PD for my Region. Unfortunately, when the region was formed she did not have a team of consultants and, therefore, did not have the capacity to provide PD throughout the region. Instead, she worked in some of our schools and provided professional development for teachers and coaches, as well as working with administrators. Subsequently, she established Accelerated Literacy Learning and, beginning September ’04, she and her consultants took the lead in providing the PD for most of our schools, including elementary, middle and high school. After I left my position, she continued working with the new superintendent, Gale Reeves. Susan and her consultants did an outstanding job, as evidenced by a rise in test scores and student achievement.

Lucille Swarns