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Jackie-Robinson School 46 McKeever Pl, Brooklyn, NY 11225
June 30, 2008
Dear Ms Brown:

Thank you for your email. Unfortunately, the budget cuts have affected us greatly. I do not think we will utilize the services of A.L.L., although I am very pleased with what you and your team have done to help our school. I will always be grateful and appreciative to ALL and your consultants. I will always remember the improvement that we made with authentic student writing and streamlining our literacy efforts as a whole school reform due to A.L.L.

You are so right that ongoing PD is at the core of systemic change, and systematic change has been what has occurred at our school. We went from an undeveloped to well developed school, thanks in part to A.L.L., and for that I will always be appreciative!

Thanks for your cooperation and understanding. I will continue to refer my colleagues. If our budget changes, I will definitely let you know.

You too, have a great summer. With respect,

Thanks again for everything.

Marion Wilson