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Magnet School for Integrating the Arts Brooklyn, NY 11201
April 4, 2005
To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Susan Radley, who directed a literacy initiative at P.S. 261 when I first become a Principal. She worked closely with me to ensure that each classroom has exemplary balanced literacy instruction. She carefully selected a staff developer who matched the culture and needs of our school. Ms. Radley supervised this staff developer, along with the other staff developers in our district, to coordinate and plan all literacy staff development. I know that our rise in student achievement is partly due to her leadership of our literacy initiative.

Susan also spent some time providing staff development to our teachers. The strategies she presented on a picture book study have greatly influenced the quality of writing our students do to this day.

I highly recommend Susan Radley to lead and support literacy instruction in N.Y.C. schools. She is a talented educator whose experiences, in New York City schools, as well as nationally, provide her with the skills to meet all challenges and improve balanced literacy instruction in our schools.

Judi V. Aronson