Kansas City Missouri School District

6409 Agnes, Kansas City, MO 64132
June 25, 2004
To Whom It May Concern,

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I recommend Susan Radley Brown. I had the opportunity to work with Susan throughout the school year while she served as a National Literacy Consultant for the Kansas City Missouri School District. Susan is a true professional who brings to life the wonderful journey of writing.

Susan is very passionate about children becoming proficient writers. Her enthusiasm and love for literature and writing is evident in her well-designed and practical training sessions. Her love for literacy and children is infectious. She energizes the participants of her training sessions who eagerly rush off to their home schools and begin putting her words to practical use with students and staff.

Her training opportunities enable educators from all levels to experience and embrace the components and rituals of the Writing Workshop. Susan outlines writing units and lessons in clear, step-by-step directions, which equips educators to facilitate student writing at their home schools. Her lessons encompass the emergent to the experienced writer, and make the writing process come to life.

During her training sessions, Susan models lessons with students, as well as conducts "fishbowl" reflective activities with teachers. These student lessons and fishbowl sessions are invaluable for instructional leaders. At the conclusion of each training session, we are able to return to our home schools and conduct mirror image sessions with our own staff.

Susan has a vast repertoire of children’s literature at her immediate disposal. She can cite numerous children’s books to be utilized for a specific strategy, skill, unit of study, or genre. Her knowledge of literature is phenomenal. She truly knows how to listen like a writer and "see the extraordinary in the ordinary," as she so often tells us to do.

Susan is very knowledgeable, experienced, and well organized. She develops a terrific rapport with students, teachers, coaches, and administrators. We never feel as though Susan Radley Brown believes it is "˜her way or no way.’ She listens to our concerns and questions with an experienced ear, and answers with flexibility and understanding.

She is a unique consultant who bothers to learn where each educator is, and moves them forward in a non-judgmental manner. This is so very important since many times consultants tend to diminish educators’ strengths and knowledge. Susan has that special talent of making all participants in her training sessions feel valued and knowledgeable. This opens the receptive doors of learning for everyone involved and encourages all participants to try new methods and strategies. Since our students are the ultimate benefactors, this is the key to Susan’s training becoming a successful and productive experience for all.

Susan Radley Brown is a gifted presenter who has dramatically changed the lives of students and educators. I recommend her without reservation. She will provide the needed guidance your school must have to achieve literary excellence.

Jo Greene, ED.S
Instructional Coach, Pinkerton Accelerated School