“The beginning is the most important part of any work.” - Plato

A.L.L. works nationwide and continues to receive high praise from administrators and district leaders. Here is what educators have to say...

Center for Education Innovation - Public Education Association: Frank San Felice

I recommend A.L.L. without reservation. I have no doubt that your schools will be well served by contracting for A.L.L. professional development services.

Stacy Spector

I highly recommend Accelerated Literacy Learning to any district or organization whom expect students and teachers to be learners and to expect significant gains in student learning and achievement through the improvement of adult practice.

Sacramento City Unified School District: Wanda Roundtree

I am more than convinced that any entity that forms an alliance with A.L.L. and/or Consultant Andy Hess will be more than satisfied as a result of the many benefits that will soon be realized.

Sacramento City Unified School District: Iris Taylor

Without hesitation, I strongly recommend a partnership with Accelerated Literacy Learning

Enterprise Charter School: Heather Lyon

I am highly satisfied with our work with Constance Foland and that we are grateful for her time and impact on Enterprise Charter School.

Academy Charter High School: Jarred Shaw

Stella brought a breath of fresh air with her positive attitude and attention for detail in not only the content area, but also in instructional methodologies that pertain to our particular student body.

Saint Paul Public Schools

It is my pleasure to write on behalf of Susan Radley. I have had the privilege of knowing Susan professionally for many years, and during the last four years she has been working with me in the Saint Paul Public Schools where I am the Chief Education Officer. In Saint Paul she has developed, planned, and implemented the Writing Initiative we requested of her, building the capacity of the district from a single school involved when she began her work in the fall of 2000 to having all 50 Elementary schools involved in the fall of 2004.

Metamorphosis Teaching Learning Communities, Inc.

This letter is sent in support of Susan Radley, one of the most effective educators and dedicated professionals I have had the honor to work with. I have worked with Susan in several capacities over the past 20 years: as a fellow teacher at PS 87, a colleague in designing professional initiatives and as an employer in my position as Deputy Superintendent for Region 9 in New York City.

New York City Department of Education P.S. 261

I am writing this letter on behalf of Susan Radley, who directed a literacy initiative at P.S. 261 when I first become a Principal. She worked closely with me to ensure that each classroom has exemplary balanced literacy instruction. She carefully selected a staff developer who matched the culture and needs of our school. Ms. Radley supervised this staff developer, along with the other staff developers in our district, to coordinate and plan all literacy staff development. I know that our rise in student achievement is partly due to her leadership of our literacy initiative.

New York City Department of Education PS 375

You are so right that ongoing PD is at the core of systemic change, and systematic change has been what has occurred at our school. We went from an undeveloped to well developed school, thanks in part to A.L.L., and for that I will always be appreciative

New York City Department of Education PS 88

PS 88 selected Accelerated Literacy Learning to enhance our literacy workshop. Beginning our 4th year as a balanced literacy school, we were looking for a consulting organization that would assess our needs and help us to move all students along the writing continuum.

New York City Department of Education P.S. 199

When I arrived at PS 199 in September, I was very pleased to hear that A.L.L. would be providing Professional Development to our teachers in writing. As a new principal, I had reviewed the school’s Quality Review Report, as well as other data, and believed that we needed to implement the Writer’s Workshop and ramp up our writing program. While it is only November, I am amazed at how fast our teachers have embraced the Writer’s Workshop model and the progress our students have made in writing.

New York City Department of Education P.S. 241

This year, P.S. 241 - the Family Academy has chosen to continue working with Accelerated Literacy Learning (ALL) for literacy professional development. We have been extremely pleased with the A.L.L. Writer’s Workshop curriculum for our students in Grades 1-8. The units are clear and well written, providing appropriate support for teachers and students. The A.L.L. Reader’s Workshop curriculum has strengthened our instruction so that we may provide our students with the guidance and support they need to become proficient, confident readers.

New York City Department of Education Region 10

As superintendent of Region 10, I knew that Susan Radley would be the person to lead literacy PD for my Region. Unfortunately, when the region was formed she did not have a team of consultants and, therefore, did not have the capacity to provide PD throughout the region. Instead, she worked in some of our schools and provided professional development for teachers and coaches, as well as working with administrators.

New York City Department of Education Region 10

I have worked with Susan Radley over the past four years and have been impressed with her ability to plan and implement coherent professional development at both the district (big picture) and school levels.

El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence

As former Director for Literacy and current Leadership Development Director at the El Paso Collaborative for Academic Excellence it has been a pleasure to work with Susan Radley Brown as a consultant in literacy curriculum and leadership reforms. Susan brings to the table a wealth of knowledge and best practices in the area of reading and writing. Susan has acted as a consultant and critical friend from 1999 to the present in the citywide standards-based literacy initiative being instituted in over 55 elementary and secondary schools in the El Paso area.

Noyce Foundation

Susan Radley Brown has worked with the Noyce Foundation as a consultant to The Every Child a Reader and Writer initiative since its inception in the fall of 2000. Through Every Child a Reader and Writer, the Foundation provides professional development and funding to assist 15 school districts in the implementation of writing workshop. Susan’s expertise has fundamentally influenced the content, coherence and effectiveness of the program.

Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation

Susan Radley Brown has been a literacy consultant with the Kansas City , Missouri School district for four years, from 2000 to the present. Her work in the district was initially arranged by the Institute for Learning and for the past three years has been supported by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

Research & Training Associates, Inc.

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to support Susan Radley-Brown. Since 2002, Susan Radley-Brown has provided a variety of professional development activities to advance the level of literacy instruction in the Kansas City Missouri Public School System.

Kansas City Missouri School District

It is with a great deal of pleasure that I recommend Susan Radley Brown. I had the opportunity to work with Susan throughout the school year while she served as a National Literacy Consultant for the Kansas City Missouri School District. Susan is a true professional who brings to life the wonderful journey of writing.