Academy Charter High School: Jarred Shaw

I wanted to share with you how pleased Academy Charter High School staff was with Stella Pulo as an ELA consultant. Stella was not only very professional to work with, but prided herself with developing relationships with our ELA teachers from the get-go. This not only helped her plan, model, and debrief with our three ELA teachers, but also left a lasting impression with our teachers in the notion that developing one's craft takes risks and is an ongoing process. Stella came prepared with materials that helped our teachers to conference with students in their writing, provided materials on various literature that was planned together with our teachers, and strategies for instruction overall. These three things helped us keep a focus on increasing the rigor in the classroom. In her four short days with us Stella was honest in what teachers needed to work on, what she asked for them, and even modeled the things that she was asking for. In an age where education consultants are plentiful, Stella brought a breath of fresh air with her positive attitude and attention for detail in not only the content area, but also in instructional methodologies that pertain to our particular student body. It is my hope that perhaps we can work with Stella Pulo in future school years if funding opportunities allow.

Please reach out to me if there are any questions you may have pertaining to the work that Mrs. Pulo provided for Academy Charter High School.

Jarred Shaw

Director of Curriculum Academy Charter High School