Andrea Lowenkopf

Andrea Lowenkopf has been an educational consultant on and off since 1994. During this time she has worked throughout the United States, in Liberia and Nepal.

Prior to, and during breaks from, her position as a School Improvement and Literacy consultant, Andrea has taught middle school, high school and graduate school. She worked with students and teachers in areas including ESL, Gifted and Special Education. She has taught in both high and low-income neighborhoods.

Andrea's great wealth of experience was also developed through positions that include: Lead Regional Instructional Specialist for Region Nine (which encompassed two hundred schools from Chinatown to the South Bronx); Coordinator of Literacy Staff Development for District Two; as a national literacy and curriculum consultant; and as a consultant and member of the Teachers College Writing Project.

In these roles and in her current position, Andrea supports literacy work across the curriculum for all educators (including administrators), from K-12. Her expertise with the Common Core State Standards, with adapting, adopting or creating CCSS aligned curriculum as well as facilitating the creation of rigorous Performance Tasks, has made her invaluable during this time of transition. She has worked with Charlotte Danielson's rubrics since they were published in 1996. Her deep understanding of the framework has made her a support and resource for teachers and administrators.