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Leah Mermelstein Workshop: Share Sessions and Conferences: Grades K-5

When: Wednesday April 17th 2013
Time: All Day
Where: Fair Oaks Annex ( Formerly Fair Oaks Elementary School), 10700 Fair Oaks Blvd., Fair Oaks CA 95628

In this day long workshop Leah Mermelstein, author of Launching The Writing Workshop, Reading/Writing Connections, and Don’t Forget to Share, will discuss how to conduct writing conferences and share sessions that are assessment driven, joyful, and instructional all at once. First, Leah will talk about some underlining concepts of quality writing conferences. She will outline the different types of conferences you might do along with providing helpful language you might use to research and teach students. She’ll also suggest management techniques and systems of recordkeeping. Then, drawing upon her most recent book Don’t Forget to Share Leah will show us how to use the share session as a place where kids can have lively and accountable conversations with one another. She’ll begin by outlining the different types of shares that you can conduct in your classroom and how these shares connect to writing conferences. Then she’ll suggest times in the year that you might conduct these shares, as well as which students might benefit most from them. Leah will show video across the day so that teachers can get a crystal clear imagine of what conferences and share sessions look and sound like.

Leah Mermelstein

Leah Mermelstein taught both in Massachusetts and in New York City. After working with Susan Radley Brown as a literacy developer in District 15 in NYC, she went on to become a staff developer at the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project at Columbia University.

As a professional developer, Leah mentored teachers in many schools, providing the demonstration teaching, coaching and study groups necessary to help those teachers establish joyful and rigorous Reading and Writing Workshops.

Now, Leah is an internationally recognized literacy consultant who specializes in K-5 reading and writing. She works with students, teachers, principals and other district leaders helping them to design thoughtful plans for the teaching of reading and writing. She is the coauthor of Launching the Writing Workshop (with Lucy Calkins) (Heinemann). She is also the author of Reading/Writing Connections in the K-2 Classroom: Find the Clarity and Then Blur the Lines (Allyn & Bacon) as well as Don't Forget to Share: The Crucial Last Step in the Writing Workshop.(Heinemann, Feb, 2007) This book focuses on how to make share sessions in the Writing Workshop more instructional. She is now hard at work on a book that offers clear solutions to common problems in the writing workshop

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