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Webinar 4: Teaching Poetry to Kids - Grades 3 - 6 with Susan Radley Brown

When: Thu Apr 4th 2013 - Thu Apr 18th 2013
Time: 5:45 PM EDT
Ends: 7:00 PM EDT

Presenter: Susan Radley Brown - A.L.L. Founding Director
Target Audience: Teachers Grades 3-6, literacy coaches, principals, curriculum and instructional leaders
Participate: Join this webinar

In this interactive poetry webinar series, designed specifically for elementary Grades 3-6 teachers, participants will explore a genre study focused on teaching poetry to kids. Susan will first show teachers how to connect to poetry, as they learn ways to incorporate poetry into the fabric of their classrooms and school communities. Next, she'll delve into what it means to write using imagery, rhythm, poetic language and form. As teachers unlock the poet inside themselves through this poetic genre study, they will learn how to carve out a lasting place for poetry in their own and their students' lives. Susan will provide practical mini lessons aligned with the Common Core Standards that will show teachers how to take students through an inquiry that begins with an immersion in poetry, leading to writing poems in the "try-it" stages, successive drafts and then the crafting of published student poems. Throughout, videos of mini lessons and conferences with students in classrooms will provide a powerful visual for participants in our webinar.

You receive Accelerated Literacy Learning's Unit, Poetry - Grades 3-6 upon registration.

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