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Webinar 2: Putting Voice and Passion into Non-Fiction Writing

When: Tue Feb 5th 2013 - Tue Feb 26th 2013
Time: 6:00 PM EST
Ends: 7:15 PM EST

Presenter: Alicia Heneghan
Target Audience: Teachers Grades K-1, literacy coaches, principals, curriculum and instructional leaders

This webinar series is based on the A.L.L. K-1 Expert Book Unit of Study and is presented by A.L.L. consultant, Alicia Heneghan. Participants will explore the unit, which teaches students how to read like a nonfiction writer, construct a definition of nonfiction writing, choose a topic they know a lot about (based on home and school experiences), research their topic, and then draft, revise and publish a book about that topic in the nonfiction genre. Teachers will gain a better sense of how the Common Core Standards are incorporated in this unit of study. Alicia will model selected mini-lessons and participants will create sample writing that can be used with their students. We will address common confusions and concerns in order to help teachers prevent predictable implementation issues that may arise in their writers workshop. Teachers will learn how to plan for increased rigor and vocabulary development for English Learners, as well as discover ways to stretch student understanding for their most proficient writers. Participants will leave this webinar series ready to start teaching the unit approximately 1-3 weeks after Session 1.
You will receive Accelerated Literacy Learning's Unit,
Expert Books K-1 upon registration.

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