Congratulations to all the winners who participated in our Poetry Contest and thank you to everyone who watched FB LIVE sessions and, dropped comments and cheered us on!

Thanks to all of you who submitted your poetry. We thoroughly enjoyed reading what you wrote and in the spirit of life-long learning, you’ve inspired Lisa, Susan and Lorene, over the past couple of weeks.

We put our minds and hearts together and each wrote a section especially for you. We humbly offer our collective ode, one of the time revered styles of poetry.

All for Poetry and Poetry for all!

Lisa's Ode

May you always take time to hang in those haiku moments and may you always find the beauty in words and images as you continue your work in making the ordinary extraordinary.

Lorene's Ode

Cheers to silver linings and new beginnings!

Susan's Ode

Here’s to dipping our toes in new waters. All for Poetry and Poetry for all!