Sofia R

My brain is always spinning
I don’t feel like I’m winning
I don’t feel like I can see...
anybody who will remember me?

There’s 2 years left until I’m an adult.
I still don’t know what I’m going to do.
Am I going to be this, am I going to be that?
I can’t focus with all of this chat!

I’m supposed to be something big, a name in the news,
Maybe a star in a show.
But all I wish for
Is time to go slow.

I need time to think, everything is so fast.
I can’t keep up with the rest of the class..
How will I know that I’ll be big,
if I can’t understand this basic math?

I looked up to the stars when I was young.
I feet cold snowflakes fall on my tongue.
The days getting worse, the memories fade
My hopes and dreams slowly get cut by blades.

My standards are higher, My brain is hurt and tired.
I’ll never be good enough, I’ll always just be “Her daughter”
In my brain I’m fighting this war, and I’ll always end up underwater.

Mental health isn’t cute, it’s not something you fake.
We lose more kids everyday, causing so much heartbreak.
We all need to stop and take a break..
And realize that the world wouldn’t be better with your death.

Look back up to the stars, catch the snowflakes on your tongue.
You have to realize you are good enough to someone!
Rebuild your dreams, whether they’re big or small
Soon a flower will sprout through all the piles of snow.
Sofia R.