Accelerated Literacy Learning Offerings 2020-2021

Support Groups - Administrators

During these unprecedented times, administrators are faced with the challenges of leading their school community. By connecting with other school administrators, you will collaborate to explore strategies for productive professional learning. Meetings will be facilitated by an experienced A.L.L. consultant to guide and plan for next steps.

  • Develop a system for ongoing school-wide dialogue.
  • Foster consistent messaging for successful remote, hybrid or in-person literacy instruction.
  • Create effective teacher evaluations and feedback.
  • Facilitate the creation of benchmark assessments for the English Language Learner population.
  • Coordinate the development of plans that address the needs of SEL.

$350 per participant (90 minutes / 9 sessions) September 2020 - May 2021

Support Groups - Teachers

Teachers are challenged with balancing the changing demands in their classrooms. Issues such as differentiation, the delivery of meaningful lessons, and individualized assessments now need new and innovative systems for successful instruction. An experienced A.L.L. consultant will customize individual coaching sessions and provide access to scholarly articles and case studies. By connecting to the larger teacher community, you will have the opportunity to exchange ideas and engage in dynamic collegial conversations.

  • Utilize daily assessments to inform teacher moves / next steps.
  • Design and plan lessons to actively engage students.
  • Organize effective partner/ small group instruction.
  • Structure dynamic student response groups that provide meaningful and constructive feedback.
  • Offer access to A.L.L.’s exclusive monitored virtual online discussion board to build a professional learning community.
  • Analyze student performance data to assess students’ learning and determine next steps for instruction.

$350 per participant (90 minutes / 9 sessions) September 2020 - May 2021

One on One Coaching for Administrators

The landscape of schools keeps changing - instruction needs to be flexible, meaningful and interactive. This offering includes taking a proactive approach to issues that may arise during these uncertain and challenging times. A senior A.L.L. consultant will provide bi-monthly virtual check-in meetings with administrators using scholarly articles, case studies and book recommendations to evaluate, guide and plan effectively.

  • Map out school wide literacy goals and objectives.
  • Assess the current status of digital, hybrid and in-person literacy practice.
  • Move a cohesive instructional vision from plan to actualization.

$350 per participant (90 minutes / 9 sessions) September 2020 - May 2021

Library Make-Over (Grades K-8)

Classroom libraries have the capacity to take children to magical places, while also exposing students to people from diverse backgrounds.

  • Match your classroom library to meet these goals.
  • Look at the books (virtually or in-person) to help you create a library that exposes your students to the joys of creating connections to the world through books.
  • Receive a personalized list of books that are both robust in language and in diversity.

$200 per participant (2 or more participants from a school building - $150 per person)

Powerful Portfolios (Grades K-8)

Whether school is remote, in person or hybrid, portfolios provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their learning. In addition, teachers can use portfolios to determine individual strengths and create a path towards growth and improvement. Ultimately, portfolios can also be used to initiate the implementation of Student Led conferences.

  • Learn how you can use portfolios to capture a holistic view of each of your students.
  • Design portfolios with meaningful assignments and rubrics.
  • Receive feedback from an A.L.L consultant on creating, establishing and assessing your classroom portfolios.

$200 per participant (2 or more participants from a school building - $150 per person)

Re-imagining, Recycling and Renewing Your Units of Study (Grades K-12)

This school year teachers are tasked with being prepared to deliver instruction in a variety of ways.

  • Receive support and guidance in taking your existing reading and writing units to craft lessons that can be delivered online (both synchronously and asynchronously).
  • Learn how to incorporate meaningful mini-lessons, thoughtful small group instruction, and ways to confer with confidence into your daily teaching practice.
  • Plan for both formative and summative assessment options.

$500 per participant / 10 sessions
$350 per participant / 5 sessions

Virtual Writing Support for Your ELA Students (Grades 6-12)

Learning to write requires a lot of practice, yet teachers rarely have the time to give students the feedback that will inform the revision process resulting in greater student success. Virtual writing support provides your students with online writing assistance with leading AI technology. Virtual training and follow up, customized support is included.

  • Offers unlimited practice and real-time feedback on standards-aligned elements of writing for all students.
  • Receive immediate scoring and analytics that provide guidance on student learning trends.
  • Delivers quantified tracking of student progress on a variety of different essay types (definition, explanation, cause/effect, compare/contrast, argumentative, personal narrative, short answers, and others) tailored to classroom needs.

$700 per participant (ELA Teachers) for the entire year.

Conferences/ Institutes

Dynamic, customized conferences/ institutes for classroom teachers and coaches K-12 foster development and growth in the teaching of all areas of literacy. They are designed to be delivered remotely in interactive and comprehensive half day, full day or multi-day sessions. Past conferences/ institutes include Launching the Year in Writer’s/ Reader’s Workshop, Using Technology in the Classroom, Revision Grades 3-6, Opinion Letters Grades K-2, Intensive Poetry Residencies, among others.

  • Delve deeply into writing/ reading units of study.
  • Read/ discuss key texts and research literature to strengthen the foundation of teachers’ knowledge about literacy content, pedagogy and processes.
  • Utilize data to inform curriculum decisions.

Price Upon Request.

For more information and to register, please contact Susan Radley Brown at or use the Contact Form.